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PixelThinkers Joins IMPULSE Programme: Pioneering Lifelike Avatars.

Stereopsia EUROPE (Belgium, Oct 18 – 20) – PixelThinkers, a groundbreaking company specializing in the creation of hyper-realistic avatars, is thrilled to announce its participation in the IMPULSE Programme. As a forward-thinking entrepreneur pitching brand, PixelThinkers has developed avatars that not only mirror human appearance but also emulate natural behavior and speech patterns. Their custom chatbot, avatar services, and solutions are designed to revolutionize digital communication.

Empowering Digital Expression with AI:

PixelThinkers leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to enable individuals to express themselves authentically in the digital realm. Their custom-built, lifelike avatars serve as digital counterparts, allowing for more personalized and genuine communication styles.

The Prototype Unveiled:

At the upcoming Stereopsia EUROPE event in Belgium (Oct 18 – 20), PixelThinkers will demonstrate their cutting-edge prototype featuring an AI chatbot. This innovative technology showcases the company's commitment to advancing the field of digital communication.

IMPULSE Programme Highlights:

During the Stereopsia EUROPE event, PixelThinkers will be engaged in a hybrid session focused on Intellectual Property (IP) and Open Innovation. This session will be instrumental for spinoffs and startups looking to navigate the intricacies of tech transfer projects, including insights into programs like Horizon Europe and invaluable recommendations regarding IP.

The event's schedule will culminate in a project pitching session on October 19, conducted in the dynamic Pechakucha style, providing a platform for PixelThinkers to present their innovative avatar technology in front of a jury. Subsequently, on October 20, the jury will deliberate and announce the projects selected to continue through the IMPULSE Programme Cycle. These chosen projects will have the opportunity to pitch at the 2024 edition of STEREOPSIA, in front of venture capitalists and investors.

Key Takeaways for PixelThinkers:

Initial Project Pitching: A chance to showcase the groundbreaking avatar technology to industry experts and potential investors.

Tech Transfer Knowledge and IP Understanding: Gaining vital insights into navigating tech transfer projects and safeguarding intellectual property.

Matchmaking with Peers and Industry Professionals: Building valuable connections within the XR community.

"We are thrilled to be part of the IMPULSE Programme, a platform that aligns perfectly with our vision for authentic digital communication," states [Your Name], [Your Title] at PixelThinkers. "Our lifelike avatars represent a significant leap forward in the way we interact digitally, and we are excited to share our progress with the world."

For more information about PixelThinkers and their pioneering work in avatar technology, visit

About PixelThinkers:

Pixel Thinkers provides services and solutions for your intelligent chatbot needs, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence we are here to revolutionize the way we act with our technology

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