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Pixel Thinkers provides services and solutions for your intelligent chatbot needs, by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence we are here to revolutionize the way we act with our technology



CEO of Mimic Productions, David a visionary leader with 30 years of expertise in visual effects, performance capture, and virtual reality. As a pioneer in Markerless Facial Motion Capture, David has revolutionized the industry through groundbreaking tools and technologies. With an exceptional track record in blockbuster films like Avatar and Rise of the Planet of the Apes, David has led over 500 projects at Mimic Productions.

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We’re based in a based Berlin in an art/tech hub.

Pixel Thinkers finds its home in Silent Green, a unique and dynamic Art and Tech hub situated in Berlin. Silent Green provides a space for innovative thinking, cross-disciplinary work, and the emergence of new technological forms. 

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